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PAPPI stands for Parents And Profesionals for Positive Interventions

This page tracks the work of the PAPPI group to reduce the use of restraint and seclusion in schools and increase the use of positive behavioral supports.

We work via e-mail and hold a conference call once a month. Leave a note on the discussion page if you want to participate or e-mail gregsmithpm at



  1. Facilitate the ability of parents to tell their story and be heard without retaliation.
  2. Improve transparency about what is happening in schools and analyze data to demonstrate the use of restraint and seclusion.
  3. Develop tools and information for school systems to help reduce the use of restraint and seclusion through positive behavioral support.
  4. Increase the size of our group. Ensure that we have actionable tasks for new parents as they express a desire to be involved.
  5. Improve the laws and regulations on restraint and seclusion.

Ways to volunteer

Whether this affects your child directly or not, you can help reduce the use of restraint and seclusion!

We have small things you can do (less than 30 minutes from a computer) and other ways you can be involved. Feel free to contact us any time

Here are ways to get started:

  • Join our e-mail list (contact gregsmithpm at
  • Particpate in monthly planning conference calls
  • Participate in a campaign (see below)
  • Come up with a new idea for a campaign PAPPI New Campaign Ideas


Ideas for the next campaign

Please jot down notes, ideas, links and information here. Anything you think we might want to work on in t he fall. Thanks Greg S

Campaign to Protect Chapter 33 in Maine

In 2012, Maine updated regulations and created excellent new rules on the use of restraint and seclusion. In December 2012, some Main legislators tried to roll back the changes. Due to hard work by advocates and some lucky timing, compromise legislation was agreed upon. It looks like a very good compromise which preserves the intent of the Chapter 33 updates:

This campaign may be over unless new ideas are proposed. See completed campaigns below for actions taken.

From Restraint and Seclusion to Positive Behavioral Supports, One District at a Time

From Restraint and Seclusion to Positive Behavioral Supports, One District at a Time

The goal to look closely at one school system and make a difference there. We start by gathering data. Then we reach out to people in the community. Then we offer resources and support to help them improve practices in their schools.

This campaign is still under development. See the latest thinking on it here: PAPPI From R-S to PBIS

Examples of work to change practice in school systems: Northampton

Completed Campaigns

PAPPI Completed

Meeting minutes

Next conference call, Tentatively Thursday March 7th, 8PM contact gregsmithpm at for details and dial in info.

PAPPI Minutes

News, Links and other resources

PAPPI Resources
Collection of laws regulations, news and other info

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