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Campaign to Protect Rule 33


This campaign is over for now

Last set of work was:

Compromise legislation was agreed upon. It looks like a very good compromise which preserves the intent of the Chapter 33 updates:

Legislation has been proposed to roll back the Chapter 33 updates:

It allows for restraint or seclusion "to prevent the disruption of the educational environment"
"The rule must be amended wherever necessary to indicate that the use of seclusion or restraint is allowed to prevent significant property damage and to prevent disruption of the educational environment."

The goal is to generate 30 e-mails to Maine State Legislators to protect the new regulations on restraint known as Chapter 33.

Maine residents, please contact your state legislator and ask them to keep Chapter 33. Find your Maine legislator here

Sample e-mail to use when contacting your legislator: Sample Maine e-mail

Additional details on the campaign and ways you can help are here: Click here for details and updates on the campaign

Hearing Scheduled for February 20

PUBLIC HEARING: Wednesday, February 20, 2013, 1:00 PM, Cross Building, Room 202

Emergency Legislation Proposed by the Legislature

Groups to contact

Ideas on other sources of groups:

  1. Possible source of additional groups to contact :
  2. Find a contact for these listservs: Maine Children’s Trust, Maine Roads to Quality, and Head Start. They are used by early childhood educators so some may be in favor and others not.
  3. Contact all the people listed here:

  1. Conflict resolution organizations:

Message to use when contacting people in Maine

  • Write a short, focused explanation of why the new rule is important

Possible sources to make the argument: and

  • Write an e-mail which can be shared to ask people to contact their legislator including a sample letter. Make sure to ask people to tell us if they did it for tracking purposes. Consider one version for residents of Maine and another for people outside Maine.

Sample Maine e-mail

See also Maine Parent Federation letter on this:

Other ideas

  • Choose an online petition or other tool to generate interest
  • Write a press release describing the impact of restraint on children in Maine and promoting the campaign to protect rule 33. Break this in to sub-tasks as needed (e.g. research impact, create protect rule 33 web page, etc).
  • Write a position paper or which describes how similar regulations in other states have been successful
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