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Photo Workflow Walkthrough

The following is an explanation of how to process a set of images for inclusion in a Library bundle.


Firstly, if the images are not yours you need to check the copyright status the images. Images from Wikimedia commons, the public domain, or USA governmental sources have a compatible license with OLPC. Materials that that do not allow for non-educational use, do not allow for derivative work, or non-educational use are not acceptable license terms. If the material is not of an acceptable license, or you're not sure of the copyright status, use the Licensing petitions system.

If you are the creator of the material; photographer, illustrator, etc; you need to release the copyright of your material into a license that anyone can use. By uploading your images to the wiki, you are implicitly licensing them with a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license. See: OLPC:License for further discussion on licenses.

Resize and edit

The next step is to clean up and resize your photos or images. If these images are illustrations or could be a vector image, please see Illustrations.

need illustration workflow

If the images need any cleanup, you can use the GIMP in any operating system to touch up and resize photos. There are a variety of other tools that can be used to resize photos as well.

need links to resizing how-tos

Create structure

Right now the best format for photos is a grid of thumbnail sized images, followed by XO-screen sized or full sized images on following pages. These following pages may also contain context and educational content about each photo. The structure of these pages should be in simple html.

need scripts to process Big_Image_09 > 900yor1200x_image_09 + (1/5)900y_image_09
need table to display thumbnails
linkto: individual html's for each image

Create Bundle

Next you need to create a file, and place it in the folder with the rest of the material and zip it and rename it with a .xol extension.

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