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Most of the time XO's work well, but when an XO does break there are few options for fixing it. Here is where you can find out more about how to fix your broken computer, or how to help other people fix their broken computers.

Fix it Yourself

This contains a basic repair guide for individuals and schools to fix simple hardware and software problems. Look here first to see if you can easily fix your problem.

Find a Repair Center

If you have tried fixing your computer, or if you want to get help fixing a computer you can get a list of international repair centers, and repair volunteers.

Volunteer at a Repair Center

Most repair centers are run by volunteers, and will welcome added support. If you know how to use a screw driver we'd love to have you. See if there's a repair center in your area. If there is no repair center in your area consider starting your own repair center.

Start a Repair Center

A basic repair center, called an XO Ambulance is easy to setup and fun to maintain. You need to be organized, and have basic technical expertise. Know how to use a screw driver, boot from a usb key, and have basic diagnosis skills. More dedicated volunteers should consider running an XO Hospital which handles a greater volume, and can deal with more complex problems.

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This is the draft front page for repair.

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