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This is a work in progress. It's meant to be a handbook for people interested in starting grassroots OLPC trials so they can assess what things they might need to do. For requirements of larger-scale deployments, see the draft Deployment Guide.

Roles needed

Every trial needs several types of volunteers and champions. We'll go through some of the basic shoes you might consider filling in this section.

The coordinator

A person or small group of people - from any organization - to make sure things happen. Finding resources, prodding groups, keeping things on track, making connections, and generally facilitating all aspects of the trial (by getting other people to do them).

The school

A school willing to be the trial school, with the following roles within it:

  • a lead teacher who will run the classroom with XOs
  • and a lead technologist who will work on making the school's IT resources support the trial classroom
  • and parents who are willing to have their children participate ("Yes, I would like my child to participate in the trial program this school year. We commit to making sure they take care of their XO...")

Local grassroots

A grassroots group or groups in the area that can offer...

  • Software developers to make Activities in response to specific teacher requests ("We will make X software Activities for your trial this school year." or "Teacher X wants an activity to do Y. We will work with the teacher to create this activity.")
  • Writers and educational content producers (musicians, etc.) to custom-draft content ("We will make X curricular outlines and supporting resources for your trial this school year.")
  • Visiting engineers, scientists, etc. who will volunteer 1 day or more of their time to come in and run a workshop for the children using their XO laptops
  • A repair center to fix broken laptops and teach children how to fix their own machines ("We will repair up to X laptops free of charge for you this school year.")
  • An outreach coordinator who keeps tabs on the global OLPC community and makes connections and starts small projects to connect this particular trial school with other projects and trials around the world
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