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More details on some of the ideas in Semantic MediaWiki#For activities

Unify the OBX box and semantic properties

A typical activity like Colors! uses the following Category:OBX templates

  • toptext param is just the Semantic MediaWiki/Activities, alt text is unneeded unless overridden
Template:OBX activity
Pulls in Template:OBX boilerplate html
{{ OBX activity | [[Image:colors-activity.svg|40px]]|extra}}
Template:OBX source dev
{{ OBX source dev|activities/colors}}
pulls in Template:OBX source and Template:OBX boilerplate params
  • First param turns into link on standard git server, ths link is equivalent to Property:Source code
Template:OBX xobundle
{{ OBX xobundle|}}
  • First param is link to download, equivalent to Property:Activity bundle
  • Both of these are extremely misleading for users, since the latest version of an activity may not work on the build that users are running. E.g. Terminal says v.19, but Activities/Terminal (8.2) reveals v.18 is the last one that works on 8.2.0
Template:OBX pootle
{{ OBX pootle|1=;a=blob_plain;f=po/colors.pot;hb=HEAD}}
Template:OBX team
{{ OBX team | [[User:Wade|Wade Brainerd]], Jens Andersson, Robert Anderberg }}
  • First param is arbitrary wiki text for people who works on it, equivalent to Property:Team member string.
  • Second optional param is a specific contact person who appears first in bold, equivalent is Property:Contact person,

Meanwhile, Form:Activity fills in Template:Activity page, which makes all the semantic annotations but has no appearance styling. It has some additional properties not shown in OBX:

Some choices for unification:

  1. Template:Activity page can invoke all the OBX templates
  2. the OBX templates can default to using #show: to redisplay the facts
  3. a Template:Display OBX for activity can invoke all the OBX template crap, defaulting to pass them the info from the semantics if not overridden.

First option makes it hard for an activity page to slap in extra OBX crap in its box. Second involves lots of hacking. Third seems to be the way to go, but still limits the OBX to what the covering template allows.

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