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Manusheel Gupta,Dan Bricklin, Luke Closs, K.S. Preeti

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SocialCalc: The community spreadsheet

SocialCalc is a Javascript-based spreadsheet being developed as a Sugar activity by Dan Bricklin, Luke Closs, Manusheel Gupta and K.S. Preeti for the XO, with help from SocialText among many others.

The first version of SocialCalc has been released. Click for latest versions.

A SocialCalc Manual in english translated from the original of María Virginia Díaz of Plan Ceibal is available here SocialCalc Manual


Development Team


Participants in the coding and discussion so far:

  • Walter Bender
  • --Sj talk
  • Todd Whiteman
  • Edward Baafi
  • Cynthia Solomon
  • Arjun Sarwal

Activity Summary

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Genre: Other
Activity group:
Short description: A Javascript-based spreadsheet.
Description: A Javascript based spreadsheet, based on the work of Dan Bricklin, Luke Closs, and KS Preeti.
Maintainers: User:Manu
Repository URL:
Available languages:
Available languages (codes): en
Pootle URL:
Related projects: Spreadsheet
Contributors: User:Manu
URL from which to download the latest .xo bundle
Last tested version number: 1
The releases with which this version of the activity has been tested. 8.1.0 (703), 8.1.1 (708), 8.2.1
Development status: 4. Beta
Ready for testing (development has progressed to the point where testers should try it out):
smoke tested :
test plan available :
test plan executed :
developer response to testing :

URL from which to download the last .xo bundle that works with old releases
Activity version number: 1
The releases with which this version of the activity has been tested.
Development status:
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