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improved icon-

I installed the activity and noticed that the icon could use a littke tweaking, so I uploaded an new version if you want to use it... image:Activity-socialcalc_icon.svg --- User:AuntiMame 13 July 08 18:29 UTC

pie charts

I made an implementation that adds a pie chart tab and draws the chart and labels using the HTML canvas element. The sections are colored randomly and the labels can overlap, but if you're interested in using it, replace index.html in the activity's "web" folder with this: SocialCalc with Pie Charts. Select numbers just as you do for the Graph tab. --- User:Ndoiron 15 April 09

external link

I just added an external link to the Software Garden site that has info on the latest releases (0.7.9c as of Jan 15, 2009). The page also has detailed instructions on installation. Put it where you see fit, please.

Leesonma 02:26, 27 May 2009 (UTC)
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