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Community mapping is a proven procedure in epidemiology for identifying public health issues and threats - see the Wikipedia article on John Snow. This application provides an interface for mapping villages and communities, so that data can be collected and analyzed about them.


   *     Application - Python
   *     Front end - JavaScript, X/HTML, CSS


  1. Modify for installation and operation on OLPC
  2. i18n
  2. onionskin so that different people can have maps of same village
  2. Implement vector drawing (e.g., drawing roads, rivers, etc)
  3. Make "smart" icons - ones that react to each other and provide warnings/dangers
  4. Create internationalization framework
  5. Modify for use on PDAs

See a demo

Get the code

   svn co


   maps, python, javascript, html, xhtml, vectorgraphics, pda, icons
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