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Here is a list of projects related to UNICEF and OLPC initiatives that have been proposed for the Story Jam. They are all related to the themes of collecting stories and information from around the world and sharing them with others.

We encourage you to work on these projects or other ones that you may have been working on, or just thought up a minute ago - if you come up with new project ideas, please link them here.

Photos needed by Sunday 1400

If you have any good shots of the following please email them to ChrisF or Mel

  • ppl from all over - picture of people
  • UNICEF.ORG/maps - google maps mashup - detailed picture of programmers programming
  • RapidSMS - need photo of dashboard / big drop screen
  • IVR - Photo of code up on screen.
  • globalized developers - photo of IRC/ videoconference screen
  • digital school in the box - photo of mel / seth etc. working on hardware today at 1300
  • story recording - photo of ambassador gallegos recording his story

Proposed projects

  • DSIAB Digital School In a BOX!!!!
  • In a joint partnership to work with DSIAB, Borderless Educations and Fired Up Media will create an application/platform to push and pull communications while encouraging content creation through the lens of climate change in the form of collecting blogs, audio and video clips to focus on health and sustainability and convert these into quizzes to aid teachers in using content for purposeful education in classrooms in Peru, Uruguay, the USA, and Africa.
  • Rosco - UNICEF project; radio station "on the go" - plug a USB stick into a laptop, boot, and begin transmitting radio programmes.
  • Mizizi - UNICEF project; software for Our Stories that provides an easy way for people to collect stories and meta-information from their personal computer and upload it to a server where it can be aggregated. Multilingual, platform-independent.
  • UNIWIKI - UNICEF project; a customized MediaWiki installation that is deisgned to address some common wiki usability issues.
  • Community Mapping - UNICEF project; application for mapping villages and communities, a common procedure for identifying public health issues and threats
  • RapidSMS - UNICEF project; a web-based platform for sending SMS messages, and receiving SMS/Audio messages.
  • Record stories using OurStories and other programs (not sure what the limitations are for what you can record with OurStories)
  • Record lectures - get professors, teachers, and experts to come in and talk for half an hour on something they're passionate about
  • Record life stories from walk-ins from the street
  • Record conversations, debates, discussions on difficult topics
  • Record screencasts and demos of cool things people have done with their XOs
  • input DV from USB from Camcorder
  • Record musicians playing
  • Record theatrical productions
  • Record language lessons (see
  • Subtitle and translate when possible (DotSub?)
  • Morse code input peripheral
  • Accessibility peripherals - think mice, keyboard, joysticks for children who are disabled that can be made from a few dollars' worth of components - an mcu and supporting circuitry and a simple sensor, hooked up to objects that you have on hand (instead of using a plastic molded piece for a joystick handle, use a stick, etc)
  • Datalogging sensors - the mic in port of the XO is an analog in port as well, so temperature, pH, light, etc. modules for logging science experiments (and then get some coders to work on a Measure activity add-on to make data collection easier, and put up a site where it's really easy to share the results of those experiments and data)
  • Some youth journalism Activity proposals have been written here
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