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RapidSMS is a web-based platform for sending SMS messages, and receiving SMS/Audio messages. The application has tools for sending out SMSs to groups of people as well as for monitoring their input back into the system via SMS or voice. In addition, it has a module for collecting statistical data via forms that can be configured through the interface. The platform has been appropriated for use in several different scenarios including emergency situations as well as collection of various data for indicators of health/education problems.


   *     Application - Python, Django, MySQL
   *     SMS/Audio - MobilED, Kannel, Asterisk
   *     Front end - JavaScript, X/HTML, CSS


  1. Modify for installation and operation on OLPC
  2. Internationalize
  3. Create IVR survey mode
  4. Create interactive survey via SMS
  5. Different TTS languages?

Get the code

   svn co


   sms, audio, python, mobiled, django, mysql, kannel, asterisk, javascript, html, xhtml, css, ivr, tts
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