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Mizizi, which means "roots" in Swahili, is an application written with the Our Stories project in mind ( Our Stories is an initiative sponsored by UNICEF, OLPC and Google that aims to collect 5 million stories by 2010 and make them available to people around the world. Mizizi provides an easy way for people to collect sories and meta-information from their personal computer and upload it to a server where it can be aggregated. Mizizi is meant to be platform-independent and is internationalized with several languages already supported.


   *     Python, GTK and GStreamer
   *     Linux and Windows versions in the works


  1. Ensure installation and operation on OLPC
  2. Make translations of interface into as many new languages as possible
  3. Develop video capture capabilities
  4. Apply all modifications to the Win32 version as well
  5. Add social networking component.
  6. Integrate with google maps / mymaps mashup so that stories have a place to live (see for an example)

Get the code

   svn co


   python, linux, windows, gtk, gstreamer, glade, ourstories
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