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Kids and testers: We're creating real content for real people, and we need you to tell us if we're getting it right. Now recruiting brave young (and young-at-heart) testers to help us improve the content we're creating by giving us feedback and suggestions, both online and at local Test Jams around the world in September. (>>more...)

Sponsors: Fund a project... or two... or a hundred. At $500 US for each project, a little goes a long way. We also need materials, advice, and support both for projects and the Jam events where they'll make their debut in September. (>>more...)

You can help! Want to lend a hand, but not sure where to start? We need volunteer translators, hosts, matchmakers, publicists, programmers, entrepreneurs, and more. From sending an email to driving a car, helping us plan for the future, or even open-sourcing your own creations, there's a way for you to get involved, and we'd love to have you join us. (>>more...)

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