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Potentials for peru: scott, me, wade, rafael

from RedHat -- 1-2 people



OLPC should spend what resources it has to promote events on getting local groups to attend regional OLPC events.

Set up a formal sponsorship process for events we want to support
Figure out annual events


Separate budgeting and priorities into a few groups:

National development events

-- Peru Tech Conference : Jam hosted in Fall 2008.  What does the budget look like?
-- Uruguay : when?
-- how do we make this happen in Mexico? 

Education events

Technical events

Regular long-term events

FUDCon December '08

under $25k - what does this look like? what does scholarship look like?

Similar local events

Hosted by OLPCF and OLPCAT?


Add a gcal for olpc internal events, and open one for the community.

If OLPC events use Property:Start date, they show up automatically on this page. Google Calendar is definitely a good idea for the community. -- skierpage 02:24, 16 April 2009 (UTC)
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