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fonts? Firefox doesn't seem to follow options set in Preferences. I uncheck pages can override and then set default to sans serif but pages still render in serif. about:config shows proper settings corresponding to my changes. Is your CSS overriding this in some way? Alc 01:50, 14 September 2008 (UTC)


Workaround to share Browse plug-ins

If you enter about:plugins you'll find Firefox-6 in 8.2.0 doesn't use the installed Gnash and Totem plugins that Browse does (ticket #8593).

As a workaround, you can set MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH to the system plugins directory, /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins where these plugins are. One way to do this is start Terminal Activity and type the following:

 export MOZ_PLUGINS_DIR=/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins >> /home/olpc/.xsession

and press the Enter key. Then reboot, or just restart X using ctrl+alt+erase. -- Skierpage 10:37, 3 October 2008 (UTC)

relic in activity bar

When i quit firefox frequently a relic "generic" activity icon is left in the taskbar at top, which responds to neither "resume" nor "quit". this has happened both by quiting firefox through the file menu and from restarting firefox after installing a plugin. am i quitting incorrectly or is this a known bug? I am using the latest OS, the latest firefox-6.xo and a first run xo pc (early enough model that i had to manually fix the sticky key issue).

I've seen that too, I don't know if there's a Trac bug for it, see Reporting bugs. -- skierpage 14:40, 9 December 2008 (UTC)
same here

Spanish? moved from article.

Instalación de Adobe Flash en Firefox

breves instrucciones para la instalación de Adobe Flash no libre en Firefox:

  • Ir a la en Firefox
  • En "Seleccione la versión para descargar ..." pick ".tar.gz for Linux"
  • ... selectar ". tar.gz para Linux"
  • Haga clic en "Aceptar e instalar ahora"
  • Seleccione "Guardar Archivo" (en algún momento, espero que la integración revista aparecen aquí)
  • Cierre la ventana del gestor de descarga cuando la descarga se completa con Ctrl-W (ERK)
  • Salir Firefox (Archivo-> Salir, y luego botón "Salir")
  • Abrir la actividad Terminal.
  • En el indicador, escriba: ~/Activities/Firefox*/install-flash
  • Tipo "y presione ENTRAR cuando se le solicite, a continuación, 'n' para rechazar otras instalaciones.
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