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I need help in order to attend

Post what you need here and some info about your situation, and we'll start a conversation with you about what resources we can find to help.

  • I need a place to crash from Friday evening (June 6) to at least Sunday (June 8) or possibly longer depending on whether I can get a day off work. ChristophD 18:23, 6 May 2008 (EDT)
Christoph, if my housemates say it's okay, we may have a futon in the living room you can crash at. Mchua 21:56, 6 May 2008 (EDT)
Thanks, that would be great! A futon, free wifi and the daily shower is all I really need anyway... ChristophD 23:43, 6 May 2008 (EDT)

People who should be invited

A suggestion list - add your thoughts here. Being on this list doesn't mean they will come to the event - we're not sure how much space we have yet... (Initial list by Christoph Derndorfer)

  • Mike Lee who is running the OLPC Learning Club DC

Christoph, thank you for suggesting me. I won't be able to get away from work and family obligations for the Boston events, but I may be able to make it to NYC. --Mike Lee 20:20, 2 June 2008 (EDT)

  • someone from the Dallas FortWorth Area XO users group to come to Boston.
  • Maybe also one of the Nortel folks?
  • Greg DeKonigsberg
  • Benjamin Mako Hill
  • support-gang members
  • someone from OLPC Chicago - Sheila Miguez, someone from MVCC (Larry, Steve) or IMSA (Scott, Kevin, Jason, April-Hope)?
  • maybe Ben Racher (the guy who wants to start OLPC Tennessee)
=Grassroots activists from Peru and Uruguay=
  • Peru
    • IEEE Student Chapter
    • Free Culture Peru
    • Peruvian Association of Free Software
  • Uruguay

Ideas for June 2008

Have a relatively open and potentially larger session (open space session) on the preceding Saturday and/or Sunday to gather feedback from as many people as possible and then use the more private meeting from June 9 to 13 to draw upon that input in deciding on how to proceed with the community / grassroots / volunteer efforts.

To invite

People who should be on the community@ mailing list.

  • Existing groups
    • Team: contributors
    • Support-gang members
  • People who actively want to come / have been suggested to invite individually
  • Contributors
    • People in the contributors program / with XOs
    • People in the community-group program

next steps

  • Inviting people
    • We want 20-40. Can we make a list of people to invite?
    • Prerequisites list - see below
  • Open space weekend
    • The site of Community Jam Boston was glorious... can someone from MIT book the space for us?
    • Need to find someone to run this, preferably someone who's facilitated open space before.
  • Supplies
    • Tshirts?
    • Food?
    • Markers, giant post-it notes, nametags for the first day
    • Loaner XOs - Jam kit should be okay
  • Jam
    • See what's needed, below

"See my Wares" - design for possible poster

Hi Mel, it seems to me that the top svg image at User:HoboPrimate/socon would be a great fit for a poster for this camp.HoboPrimate 18:12, 14 May 2008 (EDT)

Some quick todos

for current and future bootcamps

^ define where bootcamps and non-olpc grassroots jams fit in the scheme of things; how to organize similar events elsewhere; what sorts of groups to call on and engage
^= pick out a dozen in each of boston and nyc and contact them directly
x pick out a score of community members who have been active and awesome in organizing themselves and those around them; encourage them and ask them for their input and brainstorming, find out what they would like to teach or learn at such an event, whether or not they can come; find out where there is interest in running a followup
x+ define times to invite others to the bootcamp on appropriate days, make sure they are free (rabi, teleconferencers; scott, francesca; tyler, &c; adam, richard; chuck)
x@ are there cool local people/speakers we'd like to have drop in to enrich the mood? timing can be flexible, but the earlier poked the better.
x_ similarly, could we use 'deployment demos' from people who have built grassroots or other orgs, similar to the way we had 'tech/XO demos' for the not-so-techy guests at the country workshop?
_ define core projects -- organized subsets of activities, ideas from SoC and SoCon projects that are only being partly pursued or claimed, wiki organization and community building ideas, previously suggested projects in each of the core days/areas -- that people could take and work on productively for 2 days.
_x Imagine that pairs of attendees break off and tackle one of these to mould it into manageable organized pieces.
* Prepare topics and sessions : turn each of the following into material for a potential 90m ad-hoc hands-on workshop:
*= repair guides and manuals
*= small-scale trial guidelines and proposals
*= large-scale deployment guide review
*= activity review
*= testing guidelines and process
*= trac tagging, modules, and use
*= rt volunteer queues and local volunteer mailing lists (exs: uru, peru)
*= pootle and l10n of {python, documents}
*_ do we need laptops for people? maps? anything else?
+ production : define swag and gear to prepare for the event / line up producers / schedule making it and get it made
++ timing : find someone to organize open space over the course of the week
+x people : find someone to take charge of guiding the NY Jam organizers over the course of the week, in parallel with other interns/attendees; someone else to look after the list of guests, making sure they have travel, lodging, and finances all worked out... help get a stack of T passes and organize couch space
+_ recording and A/V : find someone to handle recording infrastructure for the core days of the event / transcoding & transcribing
@ review : organize times for final reminders, invitations, schedule printing
@_ set up time and space for coordination, laying out materials, reviewing progress each day. organize wiki pages, flickr feeds, blogs and other channels for sharing the progress of the event as it takes shape
@@ schedule time for capturing and disseminating thoughts afterwards

How can this be generalized?

As we go along, I'd like to try to generalize resources for the bootcamp so that others can run their own grassroots bootcamps elsewhere afterwards to train grassroots group organizers and community facilitators. Some questions.

To participants who at 1cc during the event:

  • What are your most/least favorite things about the bootcamp so far?
  • What should we do/not-do in the future? (Both for the remainder of this week and for future bootcamps.)
  • Can you think of a better way to record/capture the experience?
  • How can we best enable you to run a similar event when you get home?

To remote participants:

  • How can we provide you with more opportunities to join into and interact with the ongoing bootcamp? (We are currently live-transcribing in #olpc-groups.)
  • What about the current notes is good? Helpful? Incoherent? What gaps have we left in our notes and transcripts that need to be filled in with context for you to be able to understand what was going on?
  • What resources do you need to be able to run a bootcamp of your own, remotely?

For everyone:

  • What questions have I not asked in this section that I really should ask?

Mchua 23:50, 9 June 2008 (EDT)

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