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Study groups

To ensure a focused and high-quality event for participants, there are prerequistes to participation. In order to make the event accessible to more people of varying backgrounds, we are holding online study groups between now and the application deadline of June 1st; it should be possible for someone with no XO/programming background, no wiki background, and/or no educational theory background to get up to speed within two weeks of intense part-time work. Current study groups are posted below; feel free to create your own and add them to this list.

Testing crunch

  • I'm going to be doing my testing prerequisite on Monday night (May 19). I'll be on the #olpc channel on freenode (see IRC if you're new to the IRC chat system we use) - no exact time yet, but company is more than welcome. I will be testing sugar-jhbuild, mainly. Mchua 23:15, 18 May 2008 (EDT)

Alternative exercises

If you think of a way you'd rather demonstrate your knowledge than the default prerequisite exercises, post your petitions for alternative exercises here and we will leave a message on your talk page within 48 hours with a decision.

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