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Move page

Please some one change the name of this article to ((OLPC Afghanistan)), im unable to change that. regards

Usman Mansour Ansari

Per your request I moved this page to OLPC Afghanistan, the original name remains as a re-direct. Cjl 17:29, 6 April 2008 (EDT)

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DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO TURN ON WORD WRAP SO THE TEXT WILL BE FORMATTED FOR EASY READING WITHOUT HAVING TO USE THE BOTTOM SCROLL BAR? please fix & post how you accomplish this. I did not want to format with a table since that seems to be an excessive way to fix the formatting. :)

The problem may be a side-effect of the leading spaces in the 'pre-installed content' list that caused that section to be unformatted. I removed those spaces, and the whole page seems to auto word wrap with the browser window width. --FGrose 14:54, 4 August 2009 (UTC)

merge with One Laptop Per Child Afghanistan

Here's the old text of that page:

  Please copy/paste "{{Translationlist | xx | origlang=en | translated={{{translated}}}}}" (where xx is ISO 639 language code for your translation) to Talk:OLPC Afghanistan/translations HowTo [ID# 240278]  +/-  


 Country Information
 ISO Country Code AF
 Wikipedia Article Wikipedia Link
 Government Support High Level Interest
 Deployment Intermediate Trial (500 to 5000 machines)
 Keyboard Layout Pashto Layout
 Written Pashto (ps)
 Spoken Pashto (ps)
 Secondary Written Dari (fa)
 Secondary Spoken Dari (fa)
افغان ماشومان له شنو لپټاپونو سره - كودكان افغاني با لپ تاپ هاي او ايل پي سي
افغان ماشومان له شنو لپټاپونو سره - كودكان افغاني با لپ تاپ هاي او ايل پي سي
افغان ماشومان له شنو لپټاپونو سره - كودكان افغاني با لپ تاپ هاي او ايل پي سي
افغان ماشومان له شنو لپټاپونو سره - كودكان افغاني با لپ تاپ هاي او ايل پي سي

This is the OLD wiki for the OLPC Afghanistan.

  • The mission of this <b>Not for Profit Organization is to create an environment for OLPC, take necessary steps to ensure every child in Afghanistan get the laptop and develop the Local Activities for OLPC laptops that could revolutionize how we educate our children. The goal is to provide every child in Afghanistan with new opportunities to explore, experiment, and express themselves in a collaborative way.

Afghanistan is a very famous for being a multicultural country. Participation of the OLPC project in Afghanistan will not only revolutionize the way we teach children, the vision behind this "educational" project, but also scale up the eco-system of sharing between the diverse set of communities existing in the central Asian countries.

OLPC Afghanistan

The Ministry of Education, Ministry of Communications and IT, USAID Afghanistan Small and Medium Enterprise Development (ASMED), Roshan and PAIWASTOON are working together to improve education and bring new opportunities for economic development through low cost computing and computer literacy for the Afghanistan's future workforce.

First 5800 localized XO laptops with Dari and Pashto content will be deployed to 283 schools in form of computer labs, with 21 computers in each school. These 5800 laptops shall reach over 85,000 children across Afghanistan.

1st deployment (pilot) will take place in the following provinces:

  • Baghlan (20 schools)
  • Herat (25 schools)
  • Ningarhar (25 schools)
  • Kabul (188 schools)
  • Balkh (25 schools)

Edited By Muhammad Haroon Arab Jalalabadi

OLPC technical implementation team started working on 19th of November 2008. We are now in the process of finalizing localization of laptop into Dari and Pashto, preparing training materials for teacher trainings, do some power testing experiments and much more! First laptops shall be deployed during December time into Ningarhar province and after winter holidays we will continue with other provinces.

For detailed info about OLPC Afghanistan, please visit official OLPC Afghanistan Website.


You can also join the OLPC Afghanistan volunteer team.


Afghanistan has 34 provinces and 6 to 8 commonly spoken languages with more than 36 Languages in total. The language with the largest number of speakers is Dari (Farsi) and Pashto. Both languages are official languages of the country, mainly used for educational, business and governmental purposes.

All XO laptops will be localized into both languages. Localization takes place during first two months of the project deployment, using volunteers translations from Pootle and employing two professional linguists to translate untranslated parts and review current translations.

With OLPC Pilot approaching, there are still a lot of strings to be translated (status). We would like to ask all volunteers interested to continue the great job in translation, new ones to join the localization team, get together, roll up sleeves, get some snacks n drinks ready and have a Translation Nite-out!

Translation HowTo

A web based Portal translation engine has been used as primary translation mechanism. But you are free to download PO files and translate it using GTranslator or any of your own favourite text editor.

Translation HowTo specific to the OLPC XO can be found here. Translation Guidelines for Pashto language can be found here.

To download po file and translate it in your computer (faster way), follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account
  3. Log in and choose Dari or Pashto
  4. Click a package (XO Core, XO Bundle, etc)
  5. Click 'Zip of Folder' link at the top of the page.
  6. Translate it and upload it back in the same page.

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Looking lovely

thanks for whoever is working on this page! 12:14, 26 December 2009 (UTC)

Notes from GJ

See more at User:Gjavetski. --Sj talk

Thanks SJ for adding this! --Gjavetski

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