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Notes about SG meeting

  • Gave warning about record activity
  • Build 703, 200 machines

Pre-installed Activities

  • Chat
  • Browse
  • Write
  • Record
  • Paint
  • Tam-tam
  • Etoys
  • Turteart
  • Pippy
  • Calculate
  • Measure
  • Memorize
  • NewsReader
  • Terminal
  • Log viewer
  • Analyze
  • Acoustic Tape Measure

Translation to Portuguese of Portugal

Hi, in the near future I will translate as much as I can of Sugar and its activities to European Portuguese. In the localization mailing list, they told me that you are running a 200 laptops program, and using the Brazilian portuguese translation. My motivation to translate to our Portuguese, is to provide a software alternative for the Magalhães laptops (Classmate 2) being assembled here in Portugal, intended for primary school kids. Will my work be of benefit to your pilot, or are you happy to use the pt_BR translation? Just to know if I should hurry with the translation to pt_PT or not. Either way, I expect to have it finished in about a week. - HoboPrimate 03:19, 21 August 2008 (UTC)

I've fully translated Sugar and the base activities, and well as most of the activities listed above to Portuguese (european). I've submitted them and they should be available in future builds. Feel free to use this translation, and if you spot something wrong, make a sugestion it at
[1]The only remaining activities are:
  • Etoys (this one is a big chore, so I'll leave it for now)
  • Turteart
  • NewsReader
  • Analyze
HoboPrimate 23:36, 26 August 2008 (UTC)

Belgian gvt is active in Mozambique

  3. Marlene.THOMAS at - DGD-Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Bilateral desk Mozambique)

--SvenAERTS 10:33, 7 May 2013 (UTC)

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