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Begin IRC dump!

isforinsects: Ok, adric and I are discussing cleanups and revitalizing the [[Translating]] page on the wiki.
[12:18am] isforinsects: It is in need of some love.
[12:18am] isforinsects: It still calls the XO The Children's Machine, if anyone remembers that name :S
[12:18am] dirak1: isforinsects:  adric_work  i can help you guys tomorrow all day ..
[12:19am] dirak1: at least in the spanish side..
[12:19am] isforinsects: dirak1: I think we're just outlining tonight?  I really don't know enough about translation with OLPC to really make the changes myself.
[12:19am] adric_work: dirak1: Bueno, pero dormir en la dia ;)
[12:19am] adric_work: Just planning for now, yeah
[12:19am] adric_work: Might want to take over a talk page or something ..
[12:20am] dirak1: adric_work: claro que si..:)
[12:20am] adric_work: "el dia" Bah
[12:20am] z3p: is it possible to have datastore objects which don't show up in the journal?
[12:21am] isforinsects: Ok, so what do translators *need* to start translating?
[12:21am] dirak1: isforinsects: i did some of the initial translation work with xavi's i might recall something and help out.
[12:21am] isforinsects: They need to get into Pootle and...?
[12:21am] adric_work: Well, back up a step.
[12:21am] adric_work: Translating != localizing ?
[12:22am] dirak1: adric_work: yes indeed,,
[12:22am] adric_work: They seem to use "translate" for documentation and localize for apps/libraries and content .. does that make sense to you?
[12:22am] adric_work: Translation of wiki is done on the wiki. Trans of www.l.o is done on the wiki
[12:22am] isforinsects: Tabla rasa man
[12:22am] isforinsects: What makes the most sense?
[12:22am] adric_work: Trans of the Getting Started guide is done on the wiki ..
[12:23am] dirak1: adric_work: localization is refered to give support for an especified internationalization..
[12:23am] adric_work: I think I understand the differences, but it's weird enough to want to blurb link it on both prtals
[12:23am] dirak1: adric_work: i mean in code.
[12:23am] dirak1: adric_work: and translating is just translating. :).
[12:23am] adric_work: dirak1: Right. You use i18n tools on software so that you can then l10n it.
[12:23am] dirak1: yep.
[12:24am] adric_work: But our millions of helpful voluteers may not know that (yet)
[12:24am] isforinsects: I'm already lost.
[12:24am] isforinsects: Translation = making words work in another language, yes?
[12:25am] isforinsects: Localization = ...? adapting for fonts and cultures?
[12:25am] adric_work: Sadly it's more than that.
[12:25am] adric_work: Translation is when you change something from one language to another.
[12:25am] isforinsects: So I got the first one, mostly
[12:26am] adric_work: Localizing software involves trans, and fonts, input systems, and formating, cultural differences..
[12:26am] zmedico joined the chat room.
[12:26am] adric_work: Right, dirak1 ?
[12:26am] dirak1: adric_work: i wouldn't have say it better..
[12:27am] dirak1: ;)
[12:27am] adric_work: Muchas gracias :D
[12:27am] dirak1: adric_work: de nada..
[12:27am] dirak1: :-D
[12:27am] isforinsects: Ok, let's start with that
[12:27am] adric_work: But when some randome volunteer (me) first hits wiki .. they may get confused (did)
[12:28am] dirak1: so related to translating the wiki must see other translated pages and try to follow the standart..
[12:28am] adric_work: So, a i18n and l10n portal that includes all of the trans links makes sense to me.
[12:28am] adric_work: dirak1: Yes, and there is a bunch of wiki-specific weirdness, like templates, categories, naming
[12:28am] dirak1: adric_work: but yes it is not too obvious for the wiki newcomer.
[12:29am] adric_work: Right.
[12:29am] isforinsects: '''Localization''' ("l10n") involves [[translation]], [[fonts]] (scripts), [[input systems]], formating and cultural differences.
[12:29am] adric_work: So one big portal that sucks in all of of it, and then send them in various directions?
[12:29am] dirak1: that's it..
[12:29am] isforinsects: adric_work: +1
[12:29am] dirak1: following the naming and templates...
[12:30am] adric_work: Right now Localization take i18n. I say we could take it back, and then portalize it, rediret all of the words there?
[12:31am] adric_work: So, in my mad scheme, Words like Trans, Localize, I18n .. all go there, and there briefly define and  links to all of it ...
[12:31am] adric_work: (and the mess that is all of it will also need some violence^W love)
[12:31am] adric_work: In my dream that portal page would be noscroll, but ..
[12:33am] isforinsects: I18n?
[12:33am] isforinsects: Let's use Translate
[12:33am] adric_work: Maybe .. sure
[12:33am] isforinsects: because that's the verb that people understand
[12:33am] adric_work: It wasn't taken, right?
[12:33am] isforinsects: that's what *I* would link to
[12:33am] isforinsects: It wasn't
[12:33am] isforinsects: it redirects to translating *now*
[12:33am] adric_work: Then ++ ++
[12:33am] mchua joined the chat room.
[12:33am] isforinsects: Ok, let's start at that page
[12:34am] isforinsects: Done
[12:34am] adric_work: Cool.
[12:34am] adric_work: So what are our major words (sections, categories) for the Portal ?
[12:36am] mchua is now known as mchua|away.
[12:40am] adric_work: [[Pootle]] should definitely be featured
[12:44am] adric_work: And we know we want [[Localization]] linked ..
[12:47am] adric_work: Wanna use the WP definition for Trans?
[12:47am] adric_work: "Translation is the interpretation of the meaning of a text in one language (the "source text") and the production, in another language (the "target language"), of an equivalent text (the "target text," or "translation") that communicates the same message."
[12:47am] adric_work: It's a little crunchy.
[12:48am] mncharity left the chat room. ("Leaving.")
[12:49am] dbaron joined the chat room.
[12:49am] adric_work: And some cute blurbage about the (ground breaking) international scope of the OLPC project ..
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