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Still a work in progress, please try Localization for now



Every aspect of the OLPC project needs internationalization, localization and translation to help meet the project goals. Could be stronger? Make stronger, indeed

Translation is the art and science of changing the language of a communication without changing the meaning. All OLPC documentation, websites, and wiki pages (this one too!) need to be translated, and those translations kept updated.


Localization ("l10n") of software and content involves translation, fonts (scripts), input systems, formatting and understanding cultural differences.

Translation Projects

Wiki Translation

Website Translation

Software Translation

Languages or by software set?

Content Translation

  • Just getting started ?
  • Some general Translating resources for OLPC
  • Web sites translation
  • Wiki translation
  • Getting Started guide translation

Many OLPC localization projects use Pootle to automate something something so sign up for now.

Actually the top of Localization is pretty solid, just needs more links, maybe, or bullets:

Localization ("l10n") is the process of taking software or content and adapting it for local use. It involves at least:

We need translators in many languages, including local scripts and dialects. At the moment, the laptop is 100% English, 68% Spanish, 53% French, 48% Portuguese, 40% Japanese and 30% German. All the other languages are 5% done at best.

Translating is fun, quite easy, and the rewards are great. Here's how you can get started.


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