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Telemedicine on BBC

Telemedicine lifeline for villages

Rural doctors in one of the world's poorest countries are going to be offered online medical centres in an attempt to help them provide better care for the sick.

A private company called Bangladesh Telemedicine Services (BTS) has come up with an ambitious project to set up telemedicine centres to help doctors identify diseases early on.

Please look at TeleHealth Module and Telehealth module database for some of the work currently being done by OLPC Volunteers

Telemedicine center

[ict_of_bangladesh] Telemedicine centre launched
From: "Moderator: ICT of Bangladesh Yahoo Group" <>
FARIDPUR, Aug 11: A telemedicine centre, first of its kind in 
Bangladesh, was launched here today to provide distance medical 
treatment to patients, reports UNB. 

Professor Dr Mohammad Yunus, a noted economist and MD of Grameen Bank 
and chairman of Grameen Telecom, inaugurated the centre set up at 
Faridpur Diabetic Hospital.

With the launch of the centre, a patient from the area can contact 
any specialist physician in Dhaka describing his health problems and 
collect prescription through the information superhighway by means of 

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Yunus said local patients, particularly 
poor ones, would be benefited much as they would be able to contact 
physicians in the capital through the centre. 

"Any patient can also take medical suggestion from any foreign 
specialist physician soon," he told the function.

Presided over by Professor MA Samad, the function was also addressed 
by Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Nasir Uddin Khan and Civil Surgeon Dr 
SM Abul Khair Mia. 

On the opening day, Basu Dev, 65, a resident of Muksudpur upazila in 
Gopalganj district, who has been suffering intestinal diseases along 
with diabetics, took prescription directly talking with noted gastric 
and liver-disease specialist Professor Dr AK Azad Khan in the 

The telemedicine centre has been set up under the initiative of the 
Diabetic Association of Bangladesh, Grameen Telecom, GrameenPhone, 
Diabetic Association of Faridpur and noted specialist physicians in 

Any local patient can take prescription from specialist physicians in 
the capital through the centre by paying Tk 600 as fee.

Rs 15,000 Kit

Fwd: Rural Tele- medical kit

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From another list and blog I am on

Rural Tele- medical kit

On Thursday 12 May 2005 19:47, Ponnapa PG wrote:
n-Logue and Nuerosynaptics yesterday launched the
rural tele-medical kit at a village in Sivaganga Dist
in TN . The District collector inaugrated the

This kit priced at under Rs 15,000 is connected to the
rural internet kiosk and can transmit ECG, Pressure ,
Temp , pulse and stethoscope data.

We will be now taking it to over 100 villages in the  first 
phase in partnership with hospitals .


15000 INR = ±217 € (Euro). (INR = Indian Rupee)

Diagnostic kit

Neurosynaptic have successfully built a remote low cost diagnostic kit called ReMeDi that can measure temperature, blood pressure, ECG and heartbeat (stethoscope) and perform other tasks. It won a prize at the World Economic Forum 2007. There was an article in businessweek

Neurosynaptic Communications

Bangalore, India Sector: Health Care Sameer Sawarkar, CEO Age: 35

Bangalore's Neurosynaptic Communcations is making health care for India's villages accessible and affordable. The company has a $255 portable diagnostic kit that performs five basic health tests, including blood pressure, temperature, and even an electrocardiogram. Used by the village paramedic, results are transmitted back to the closest hospital through any of the multimedia kiosks mushrooming across rural India. The cost to the patient: a rock bottom 63 cents per test. The pioneer of this telemedicine for the masses is Sameer Sawarkar, a former sensor expert at Motorola, who was motivated by the hardships of getting health-care during his childhood in a village.

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