TestMtg, 2008-10-16


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Meeting details

This meeting is at 2008-10-16 16:00.

Test meetings are usually Thursdays at 4pm EST. Hop in on IRC #olpc-meeting if you want to participate virtually.

Review of action items

See TestMtg, 2008-10-10

Exciting things that happened this week

Saturday's community testing

What are we doing, anyway?

Test automation

  • memory, networking, battery test scripts + script-analyzers
  • script for uploading test scripts (meta-test-script)
  • XS test scripts, tools, cases (we don't have many yet)
  • test results/stats reporting tools

Upstream/downstream QA relationships

  • syncing up OLPC testing with Sugar, Fedora, etc. testing
    • bug tracker bifurcation
    • how do we work with upstream?
    • how do we work with volunteers, how much do we want to? test-gang ramp-up timeline.

Mel's trip to Google

  • code review system
  • test automation setup

The Mythical Test Warehouse


Trac workflow

  • Mel talked with Greg, see Testing draft
  • How to start working this out with devs? (Ed?)


  • Budget / equipment for community work?
  • Going to start pushing "learning testing" stuff to list
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