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  This page is part of the OLPC Testing Project. How to test an Activity | Friends in Testing | Hardware Testing | Schoolserver Testing
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Text goes here, incl. something about how we do our coordinating with the internal OLPC test team.

Recent news

  • Update snippet from last test meeting
  • Pointer to meeting notes in general
  • Activity of the week

How you can help

We welcome everyone to the community test group regardless of background, experience, or how much free time you have available; there are tasks for a broad range of skill and commitment levels, and if you don't yet know how to do something for a task you want to take on, we'll work with you to find a way to learn.

Whether you're looking for a quick smoke test you can run and report in less than 45 minutes, have an hour to spend testing an Activity, can spend an afternoon helping us create test cases, want to work on testing tools or automated testing, or are searching for a potential research or student class project, you'll find it here.


  • OLPC test scripts
  • Basic "about testing" portals
  • Common QA-relevant Trac queries
  • Where to ask questions and get help
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