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Legacy Tests (General)

Legacy test cases to include that we want to use that should be largely correct, but do not want to cause old inline queries to break or return bad results with.

Test anything which changes hardware settings or involves something which varies widely by platform (networking, etc.) on both an XO-1 and a XO-1.5.

Testcase Status Comments
Tests/SugarUI/Frame/Devices/Wireless/IPAddressVisibleTest Not Run
Tests/Sugar Control Panel/Date & Time Not Run See if any obscure offsets (:30 or so) are available.
Tests/Sugar Control Panel/Network/Radio Activation Not Run Ignore mesh comment
Tests/Network/WirelessActivation Not Run Just the concept; steps are all wrong
Tests/Network/XO/SimpleMesh Not Run Use 3 XO's
Tests/Network/XO/WEP Not Run
Tests/Network/XO/WPA Not Run
Tests/Network/XO/WPA2 Not Run
Tests/Peripherals/SynapticsAndAlpsTouchpad Not Run Should work in OFW, in Sugar, & GNOME on both XO-1 and XO-1.5
Tests/Activity/Help Not Run Information in Help activity should be updated for this release.
Tests/Activity/Manual download Not Run Other online sources of Sugar 0.90 activities acceptable. Also try install from USB stick.
Install a XO bundle of books Not Run If item chosen does not install, check on 10.1.3 to see if is a regression or not. Very old bundles lack metadata needed for new builds.
Tests/Activity/Log Not Run Diagnostic information for all Sugar 0.90 logs should be available. Should not break if Sugar 0.8x logs not in 0.9x are missing.
Tests/SmokeTest/USBfiletransfer Not Run Test with generic items, XO bundles, and XO activities.

New Test Cases (General)

Testcase Status Comments
Activity open/close smoketest Not Run All activities should open and close correctly. Using them in-between also should work. No python errors should be generated by doing this.
Activity sharing smoketest Not Run All activities should share between three (3) laptops over Ad-hoc. The network view should show all three around the activity's icon. If a laptop leaves and comes back this should work and appear properly in all views. Test on Ad-hoc.
Activity data sharing (Schoolserver) Not Run If run on a schoolserver at least a subset of activities should share properly
OLPC-specific commands Not Run All olpc-specific and sugar-specific command-line commands should work properly.
Smoke test (scripted) Not Run Use the command line tool to add things to sugar to add a lot of journal entries. Verify that nothing breaks in the Journal, etc.
MIME Type Verification Not Run Create a list of what activities register what Mime types. See if what they do with them makes sense.
MIME Type Defaults Not Run All MIME-type defaults should have their applications installed on the XO. They should be used by default as well.
0.90 Spiral Not Run See how the 0.90 Spiral interface scales as more applications are added.
GNOME Applications Not Run All GNOME included Applications should work
GNOME Control Panel Not Run All GNOME included Control panel applications should work
Sugar protections Not Run The sugar protections from editing by users in GNOME or similar should work properly
Sugar/GNOME Network crossing Not Run Sugar and GNOME should both be able to turn off/on wifi and connect to networks of their choosing without the other making it impossible
USB2VGA support Not Run Both XO 1 & 1.5
Journal upgrade support Not Run Both for in place upgrades (if permitted) as well as for items seen on USB sticks

Legacy Tests (Activity Specific)

New Test Cases (Activity Specific)

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