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Test case scenarios to consider in 11.2 (Fedora 14 based XO-1 and XO-1.5 releases):




  • Ad-hoc, Mesh (XO-1), and School Server modes
  • Unsecure, WEP, WPA & WPA2 support
  • Private and non-private invites
  • Seeing/Joining an activity in a shared view
  • Are all users seen by all users using the activity?
  • When the first person to start an activity closes it, do they disappear from the session & network view properly? What about subsequent users? Does the order they disconnect matter?
  • Can more than one activity be shared at the same time without interference on the same Wifi channel using the same mode (different modes)? More than one activity per machine?
  • What about having two XO users with the same name using the same/different activities? Or the same activity name shared twice?
  • Do both large (photos) and small (text) data transfers between XOs work properly?
  • Does networking work well with power management? It looks like basic (but not aggressive) powersaving may be enabled by default on XO-1's. Does activities/laptops/activity data added while another laptop is sleeping cause the latter to miss new items?
  • How well does the new 0.9x networking stack function in the presence of the old 0.8x networking stack? Does having two sets of XOs running different versions of the network stack sharing activities at the same time on result in either one malfunctioning?
  • Are there any performance or other obvious regressions with the new network stack?


  • How well does the updated menu bar system work?
  • How well does the Circle to Spiral transition work? How many applications can we add to the Spiral before we run out of room?
  • Do all the special keys both on the keyboard as well as the upper unit work properly? Even if the screen is rotated?
  • Does internationalization support, including right-to-left and other languages with fancy scripts/glyphs work properly?

Command Line

  • Do all the sugar and OLPC command-line based commands work?

File Transfer

  • To/from the XO's internal memory from both SD cards and USB media.
  • Test large & small items, error conditions, journal entries, activity bundles, collections, etc.

Power Management

  • Do all the power management operations appear to work properly in both Sugar and GNOME?


  • Full Antitheft testing (x0 overrides, enable/disable security, short/long term/indefinite(?) leases, lease renewals, mark stolen...)
  • School server backup & restore
  • ALPS touchpad pen/finger mode toggle support (included in 0.90 if we decide to keep it -- may be potentially confusing for kids).
  • IPv6 support (to the extent that we have it -- may become interesting to customers since IANA is running out of IPv4 blocks).
  • Memory leak testing (launching activities, extended time left turned on, etc.)

Query for 11.2 test cases

This shows the subset of test cases that apply to the 11.2 build stream. Test cases lists all such pages.

Short name System component System feature
Tests/Activity/Manual download Manual downloading of activity Activities
Tests/Activity/Chat/Public chat Public Chat Chat Chat
Tests/Activity/Chat/Private chat Private Chat Chat Chat
Tests/Activity/Chat Public Chat
Private Chat
Chat Chat
Tests/SugarUI/Frame/Devices/Wireless/IPAddressVisibleTest IPAddressVisible Frame/Devices/Wireless Designs#09
Tests/Network/XS/AP/Registration School Server (XS) Registration Wireless and Network Manager School server (XS)
Tests/Activity/Generic/Sanity Check Sanity Check Generic Smoke test
Tests/Sugar Control Panel/Network/Radio Activation Radio Activation Sugar Control Panel - Network Sugar Control Panel#Network
Tests/Connectivity/Collaboration Collaboration: access point environment collaboration TestPlan 8.2.0#Network Connectivity/Collaboration
Tests/Network/XO/WPA WPA Access Point Connection Wireless and Network Manager Wifi Connectivity
Tests/Network/XO/Unsecured AP Unsecure network sharing using an access point Wireless and Network Manager Wifi Connectivity
Tests/Network/XO/Ad-hoc Ad-hoc network sharing Wireless and Network Manager Wifi Connectivity
Tests/Network/XO/WPA2 XO connection to WPA2 Wireless and Network Manager Wifi Connectivity
Tests/Network/XO/WEP WEP Access Point connection Wireless and Network Manager Wifi Connectivity
Tests/Network/XO/Mesh Mesh network sharing Wireless and Network Manager Wifi Connectivity
Tests/Boot/Cleaninstall Use USB stick and cleaninstall the image; secure and not secured OFW (Trac #7394)

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