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This meeting is over - thanks to all those who participated! The meeting was in #olpc-meeting on October 30, 2008 at 2100 UTC. Please join the conversation on the testing mailing list to talk about what happened (alternatively, you can use the meeting's talk page, but a post to the mailing list is likely to get read faster).

Meeting logs

See exactly what happened at


Listed by IRC nick in order of speaking.

  • joef
  • mchua
  • cjl
  • kimquirk
  • frandog
  • gregdek
  • cjb
  • lfaraone
  • Ian_Daniher
  • bjordan

Previous meeting's action items

None; this is our first meeting.

Pre-meeting agenda

This was the pre-meeting agenda item - see the logs to see what was discussed.

Activity testing

We've been asked to tackle Activity testing as a first Big Task - we thought we'd try an Activity of the Week format, starting with Analyze (thank you Eduardo!) because that Activity itself would be a useful tool for testers to get log data from.

I think we need a 2-pass process; one "rough pass" week where people clean up the Activity's page, feature list, test cases, etc to make them testable by the general public - see and then compare to the current Analyze, and then see and compare to Tests/Activity/Analyze.

  • Thoughts?
  • Volunteers to help finish cleaning up Analyze for release to testing public?
  • Suggestions for next Activities to test (or good criteria for selecting one?) I was thinking Log.


Action items

For the next meeting. If you have an action item, you may want to read the meeting logs for context and related ideas discussed before you start.

  • gregdek to compile proposals/ideas/suggestions for "how to prioritize Activities to test" and lead a short discussion on that during next week's meeting
  • cjl to write out a first braindump on testing metrics and how to display them in ways that would be motivators to community testers and activity developers (done!)
  • mchua, lfaraone to pair on getting a test community portal page up with the current procedure that we're using to get Activities to testable-ness, so we have something concrete to look at next meeting and it's easier to make suggestions for improvements (done! Community testing)
  • mchua, frandog to find someone to work with eduardo to push out the Analyze activity testing for a first round (this is a pretty vague action item, but we can start smaller-scale - I'd like to have at least 15 people run through the test case and report results)
  • cjb to think about how to run a Test Activity brainstorm at next week's meeting, bouncing ideas off of people as needed (kimquirk, mchua interested... others?)
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