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Porting VistA to the OLPC. For introduction to VistA components see VistA Monograph Wiki.

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The Delphi Clients

For each client we NEED

  • programming language,
  • number of lines of code,
  • primary source FOIA?, other,
  • supported?,
    • if not alternatives.
  • links to detailed description (VistA Monograph?),
  • documentation


CPRS Computerized Patient Record System

The CPRS page from the VistA Monograph wiki.

The CPRS Demo from the Veterans Administration.

We are starting from Kevin's alpha version with added internationalization, or maybe the CCHIT version, or ...

Mental Health Assistant

The Mental Health page from the VistA Monograph wiki.

What's the difference between version 2 and 3 of Mental Health Assistant?

Query Tool

Stephen says: "I wouldn't bother with the GUI NOIS. It was a bug/error/help reporting system the VA used. They have moved on to a COTS Remedy."

ldl says: VistA folks are very interested in "eating our own dog food", and since Remedy is "commercial licensed software", and hence cost many dollars... Go that way if you want to. NOIS is already running "outside the VA" and "global access" tothe implementation outside of the VA is intended.

VistA Imaging

There are missing pieces of VistA Imaging due to licensing issues.

O3-DPACS an open source medical imaging system from the O3 Consortium based in Italy has been used in VistA Imaging's place.

RPC Broker
FileMan components
BCMA Bar Code Medication Administration
PCMM Primary Care Management Module
VistA Imaging
Clinical Case Registries
And Others

Rich V provided most of the above and finished with:

"There may be others, but I'm blanking after that list".

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