Types / Categories of Questions related the validity of (OLPC XO-XS) laptops in education (especially in developing countries)


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Giving each kid a laptop is too expensive.

  1. Is it really too expensive? Or is it a matter of finding a loan agreement with e.g. the World Bank, or some Development Bank?
  2. Can the OLPC community have your mandate as a President, Minister of Education, Prime Minister, to go contact the World Bank, or some Development Bank and see if they can get a loan for an XO-XS deployment?
  3. Can't we pay back the loan with:
    1. 1CO2e certificates the project with generate under the Kyoto Protocol-via the CDM / Clean Development Mechanism?
    2. Can one tax an illiterate base society? No. Thanks to the XO-XS deployment, targeting the 5 to 15 year old ones. Within the year, you have ICT proficient kids. And you lift up the adult population at the same time as the kids take these laptops home and educate their parents with it. It accelerates learning, reading, calculations, entrepreneurship. Even within your term, you will see additional money coming in from taxes from kids and parents that have increased their market value and generate additional value, hence taxe revenues for the state.
    3. Dear Mr President, Dear Minister of Education, Dear Prime Minister: Can one tax an illiterate base society?
  4. Too expensive in comparison to what?
  5. What are the Cost-Benefits of an OLPC-XO-XS deployment?

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  1. The laptops will be stolen or sold off, so let's not go for an XO-XS deployment.
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