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Keep it Simple!

When recording video/audio for in-office presentations, keep it simple. Get full coverage of the presentation and discussion visually and audibly.

Worst mistakes filming

1. Lack of redundancy in audio recording Scott's presentation was SM58-->mixer-->camera audio in. When the audio in this was overblown, we had no copy of the audio. This is really the worst thing.

Lesson: Always let the camera record with its internal mic. Let it save that data.

2. Not getting video online quickly enough Scott made a very good point.

Lesson: Get the raw video footage online so others can help if they so choose. THEN begin the editing/conversion.

3. Not following the whole conversation in sight... From Bert:

> PS: It would be interesting to know who was present as I recognized only
> some of the voices 
> (unfortunately the camera did not follow speakers in the
> discussion).

At the very least, have a list of everyone who spoke during any recorded discussion. Or photos! Ideally...

Lesson: Get SOME video of every person speaking.

Lesson: Be prepared to do so --- have a plan for panning towards discussion.

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