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In August 2008, we held a Physics Game Jam






Ubuntu --> SSH --> XO

OS X --> SSH --> XO

  • /SSH - Mac-->SSH-->XO, A dev environment using an XO and OS X over the network
  • /XOdev - installing dev tools (e.g., git), debugging on the XO

Meanwhile... on the internet...



My name is Brian Jordan. I'm currently in Boston!

Team Kuku for which I did some sound design. I used to have long hair!

My involvement with OLPC began in June 2007 when me and my brothers decided to make the trek from Connecticut to the Boston Game Jam and make a game for the XO in less than 3 days. We went in with our laptops, some sound recording equipment, and came out with an obscenely fun game (ask the moms of the kids who play tested our game Spray_Play on the last day, it was hard to get them to stop playing!). I also contributed sounds and sound design methodologies to a couple other teams (Kuku Anakula and 3D Pong). We won the OLPC Award (GDC passes!) for the game rated most fun by kids. If you are interested in game programming (especially with PyGame), Game Jams are a great way to get started fast and get rewarding feedback on your work.

Team Spray_Play -- me and my brothers! Long hair! What?
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