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Week of June 3 to 9

Attended Games for Change conference.

Worked on Simple English WikiBrowse activity. Have data imported into MySQL.

Week of June 8 to 14

Week of June 15 to 21

Week of June 22 to 28

  • Completed activity packaging for Physics.activity (0.1)
  • Set up repository here and made initial commit
  • Attended and videotaped week's [Presentations/June_2008_Tech_Team_Seminars]
    • Need to have these edited--I may upload FLV versions of the talks accessible from the Techteam Wiki and have members make note of times I should cut out/when/how to edit them (so I don't have to personally rewatch all of the seminars this week)
  • Began fleshing out ideas for Physics activity development community development
  • Worked with brother Eric on initial design of common format for Box2D scenes
    • This would theoretically allow for Eric's JBox2D Java physics engine/editor to be used via web browser to make Physics learning activities for the XO. I'm excited for the possibility of highschool and college Physics professors using this as an in class tool and making their scenes available on the XO. User:Bjordan/Ideas/Teacher_involvement

Week of June 28 to July 5 (no work June 30, July 1)

  • Researched, discussed and started Bounties analysis page
  • User:Bjordan/Ideas/Teacher_involvement
    • I am actively soliciting advice on how to use the valuable resource of world K-12 (and University) classrooms that already have computers/projectors to improve our resource offerings (i.e., teachers/professors use this free software in the classroom, then give us their suggestions and allow them to share educational resources)--while maintaining the constructivist nature of our offerings. Can this not be a way of including the wider world of education in constructivism?
  • Fleshing out Physics' user interface (keyboard, touchpad, sugar menu bars)
  • User:Bjordan/XOdev, User:Bjordan/vim: more tips and tricks - Ghost type on your XO
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