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I use my XO to test and debug my projects for a few reasons, (1) XO processor speed is a limiting factor while working on Physics, (2) I set up a good development environment using FusionFS, and (3) I never got around to compiling/SWIG wrapping Box2D and figuring out the Elements build process on my Mac.

Shell commands I've used to make testing/debugging on the XO possible/more tolerable:

sudo yum install git
sudo yum install emacs # Though vi and nano are included in builds, I learned emacs in COMP211 at Wesleyan
sudo yum install lsof # Used to slim down Elements into Physics
sudo yum install screen # used for mirroring ssh on your computer and the XO
strace date # Learn to watch programs work!
sugar-control-panel -s radio off # Airplane mode... thanks Henry!
grep -v # Inverse grep (don't show these lines)
strace -eopen # (or e trace=open, trace only system open call)
sudo dhclient eth1 # DHCP work it
find -name "*.pyc" -delete # Delete all pyc files
chmod 0600 ~/.ssh/id_rsa # Proper permissions, 0667 or 0660 no worky
ctrl+r then a number: BASH history
depmod after reboot... then reboot

Restarting Sugar/X: ctrl + alt + erase


Developing ON the XO with screen..

  1. Set up User:Bjordan/SSH
  2. ON THE XO:
    sudo yum install screen
  3. ON THE XO:
  4. ON YOUR DESKTOP (having SSH'd in)
    screen -x
    . Your screens will be synced up. COOL! It's like a ghostwriter is on your XO!
  5. Run your activity by
    sugar-launch activityname
    . activityname is the name you put in activity/
  6. Bonus round: open up another SSH session for User:Bjordan/vim-ing out
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