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Some of the following is well thought out. Some of it isn't!

My Neighborhood

I have 2 G1G1 XO.

My 3 year old grandson shares one with his mother, my daughter. My grandson is Spanish/English bilingual. My daughter teaches English in Mexico. My daughter, and my grandson took theirs to Zacatecas, Zacatecas, Mexico.

They need access to communities and libraries in both languages.

My wife, an educator shares one with me.

I'm getting the infrastructure in place for a learning community with two sites.

We configured presence service from It was too crowded! Went elsewhere.

I STILL think I'll need my own school server.

Running Sugar Emulator on Gutsy Gibbon

I distilled the following Gutsy Gibbon 7.10: command line example from his posts in a Dec 29 OLPC emulation NEED LINK thread on the sugar mail list. We need similar incantations for other tools and operating systems. Adding Gutsy Gibbon 7.10: Synaptic Package Manager

Add jani's "repository" to your list of package sources.

Using your favorite editor add two lines to the file /etc/apt/sources.list

 deb gutsy main
 deb-src gutsy main

you also need to be sure that gutsy-updates is enabled, so make sure this line is uncommented in the file:

 deb gutsy-updates main restricted universe

Hmm!! I have:

 deb gutsy-updates main restricted
 deb gutsy-updates multiverse
 deb gutsy-updates universe

not the same syntax and it enables the multiverse, too! I don't recall the provenance of my sources.list file, lots of things have been added for multimedia, etc.

Gutsy: Command line

update the packages list:

 sudo apt-get update

then install the whole environment with

 sudo apt-get install sugar-emulator sugar-activities

Gutsy: Synaptic Package Manager

 click the reload button 
 search for "sugar" (name and description) using Synaptic Package Manager, 
 check sugar-emulator and sugar-activities most everything else is selected to 
 satisfy dependencies.  You may see other sugar activities you want to check.

note: In either case the update or reload takes a long time. Lots of failures NEED to understand and cleanup my sources.list.

look through the comments of jani's blog entries

remember there were some comments about additional packages that needed to be installed for use on ubuntu. Maybe the ones indicated as prerequisites in the sugar-jhbuild instructions below.

My Projects


Organizing a project to port the WorldVistA implementation of the US Veterans Administration VistA Medical Informations System to the OLPC.

Free Rice

Been thinking about ideas for a multilingual activity based on

Gotta go find those notes!

Wish list

My Neighborhood restructuring

Structure My Neighborhood into zones. Want to be able to easily see things of interest. Not yet thought whether this needs tweaking to harmonize it with the Human Interface Guidlines

  • Connection Zone
    • Access points and mesh networks compactly displayed in a small corner of the display.
  • Radio Zone
    • Folks in the G1G1 community want to see strangers who appear in their physical neigborhood.
  • Internet Community Zone
    • Students with a local mesh communities need to clearly see guests who are joining the from remote locations.

Hmm. Could create filters for all of the above.

  • Filter Zone hides folks
    • not participating in any activity
    • not participating in an activity I'm sharing
    • not a member of a group I belong to
    • not a member of specific group
    • etc.

Distinguish these zones using

  • Shading of the background
  • Spatial arrangement

Learning Communities (Groups)

organized by:

  • Geographic regions
  • Age groups
  • XO activity
  • Language
  • Curricular Topics
  • Project
  • Keyword
  • etc.

Need to belong to multiple communities.

My School Server

my own school server

 I have downloaded OLPC_XS_LATEST.iso

would be great if there were service providers for most of the below



We want to be part of larger community.

Presence service doesn't scale well.

Will the scaling issues be solved, and will there be large servers to support the entire G1G1 community?

Or, will smaller communities have to form to spread out the load?

If so individual laptops will need connect to multiple presence servers?

In the meantime we are getting presence service from


on local server for privacy?



     school, district, region, country, global.

community based:

   different levels of peer and/or expert review.

what libraries will the G1G1 community have access to?



  • Have cable modem in MX,
  • Qwest ISDN in New Mexico, US.
  • cache might help even with only a couple users over a congested 128K link.
  • probably put school server at friend's with cable modem.
  • no bottleneck when all laptops are connecting via dsl or better.
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