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Drew: I am John Stout in Denver Colorado, email My questions may not be of interest to your chatroom, so it may be best to reply to this address.

Apparently you have several XO users in the Seattle area. Did they buy theirs through last year's G1G1 program as I did? I have heard there is now a "GiveSome/GetSome" program. Can we designate where these XOs will go? And can we order less than blocks of 100?

I don't know any XO users in Denver. I have two XOs, but I have a group of earth scientists who are interested to invest in a critical mass of a dozen more XOs for training K-12 kids in Colorado. Can you advise me or do you know of a contact in Denverwho will help us?

My Brother-in-law lived on Bainbridge Island for years until he passed away late last fall. We plan another trip out there sometime next fall.

John Stout Adjunct Associate Professor of Geology Colorado School of Mines, Golden

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