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Activities test in OS14

Moved to

In spanish, we have two activities with the same name: Maze and Labyrinth are translated Laberinto


  • Activity Update does not work.
  • Neighborhood, Friends, Home keys does not work.
  • Alt-Tab does not work
  • Can we include openjdk ?

The Library

Now, the only view of the library is the home page in Browse. You can’t remove a bundle from the Library, see the version or the size. If we change the format of the index file (using json instead of .library_pages/index.html), we can display them in the browser home page and in a custom view to enable all this operations. Is very simple create a python application to show this information in Gnome too.

I think the books, content bundles and PDF files have a different use case than the general objects in the Journal. A book will be used many times. I think we can add a “Move to Library” option in the menu of content bundles and PDFs in the Journal.

We need add text files (like in support to Read, and enable text to speech, highlight text and bookmarks to the different backends (pdf, epub, text) when possible.

Activities related:

  • Read [1] is unmaintained. The poppler interface has changed several times, and is not possible run Read in many platforms.
  • Read ETexts [2] download, display and do text to speech with texts from project Gutenberg.
  • Read SD Comics [3] can be integrated?
  • Get Books [4] and Get Internet Archive Books ( GB contains to GIAB. Why two activities? GB is from Sayamindu, probably is unmaintained. This activities don’t use the language, i can’t ask for books in Spanish. Get Books can read a catalog in a attached device, how build this catalog? Can be modified to read a catalog in the school server?
  • Info Slicer [5] can create content bundles, but can’t put it in the Library.
  • ViewSlides [8] ?

I would be happy, if we can provide a coherent use case for book searching, downloading, reading and managing. Nice improvements can be, tagging, bookmarks and text to speech.









Pending tickets

More info:

Comments from James Simmons:

(I have asked for comments to James Simmons [6]. He is the maintainer of Get Internet Archives Books, Read ETexts, Read SD Comics and the writer of “Reading And Leading With One Laptop Per Child” [7])


Any opinion I have on the subject will be found in my FLOSS Manual "E-Book Enlightenment":

Above and beyond that the needs I see are:

1). Finish the Pathagar Book Server project. It lacks some needed features, in my opinion.

2). Finish the Get Books Activity. It was supposed to be able to work with ANY OPDS book server (including Pathagar and calibre) but at the moment it only supports the Internet Archive and Feedbooks).

3). Add Plain Text support to the Read Activity, so you can use Read for pretty much any e-book.

4). Finish Aleksey Lim's Library Activity. Among other things this was supposed to allow children to share a shelf of books with other children through the network. You would not be able to copy any old Journal entry; just those that the child put on a "shelf" using the Library Activity.

5). Add Text To Speech support to Read, if possible with word highlighting.

James Simmons

More info about OPDS:

More book sources:

IA Children Library ?? ??

More Activities related tasks

New Toolbar in all our activities

Check UI fixes for Record in Dextrose

Record UI ideas

Interesting Activities in ASLO

This section need more work, now is only a list. There are 312 activites in ASLO, this is a preselection

Activity Url Works New Toolbar Use Journal Collaboration Notes
Abacus Yes Yes Yes No Powerfull idea. Works ok.
GeoJAM Yes No No No Simple online/offline map activity. Only to see maps.
Calendario Yes No No No Simple calendar app. Needs more work but is functional
Clock Yes No No No Start without showing the clock and with a error in the log.
WatchMe Yes No No Yes Need gtk-vnc-python
Plot Yes No Yes No Confusing interface.
Ruler Yes Yes No No
Edit Yes No Yes Yes
StarChart Yes No No No UI need work. Error with python 2.7 "integer argument expected, got float" and don't show constellations
Poll No No Confirm Confirm Starts, but don't works. Error in log. UI is not very standard
FotoToon Yes Yes Yes No

For reference, here is the list of activities included in Sucrose 0.88

Chat with teachers

We participated in a chat with teachers 23/feb and they proposed the following activities:

Abaco, VisualMatch, Elements, FotoToon, Spirolaterals, Encuesta, tuxmath, tuxpaint,conozcoalimentos y Spirolaterals

Activity Url Works New Toolbar Use Journal Collaboration Notes
VisualMatch Yes Yes Yes I don't understand how play
Elements Yes No No No We have a content bundle with similar information.
Spirolaterals Yes No
TuxMath Yes No No No
TuxPaint Yes No Yes No
Conozco Alimentos No problem with int and floats in python 2.7

Activities requested for inclusion

Activity Version Starts Has new toolbar Uses journal Can collaborate Can create Notes
Abacus 19 Yes Yes Yes No Yes
FotoToon 6 Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Clock 5 Yes No No No No (Start without showing the clock and with a error in the log.)
Ruler 7 Yes Yes No No No - teacher material to use ruler as a template creator, draws off the screen, ruler option left side
WatchMe 3 Yes No No Yes No - Need gtk-vnc-python
Hello World 2 Yes Yes No No No

Backup and Restore

Ideas if we have a time machine or a clone developers machine ....

Integrate in Paint functionalities of Scribble

Integrate in Pippy functionalities of Desarrolar / Edit / idle / PyDebug / DevTutor ?


There are 3 activities, not are very integrated to sugar. May be can include one of them in Gnome.

Good idea, need more work:


TimeLapse (does not starts in F14, use glade)

Jam2Jam (does not start in F14, csound tidy up: segment violation)

Open Video Chat (does not work in F14)

ShowNTell (last release 09/2009, does not start)

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