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The General Gist

In implementing a task/project tracking system for the wiki, we want to be clear on our objectives. What capabilities do we want our tracker to have? Who should be able to use it, and how much should they be able to access?

There are multiple groups of people who will be using a task tracking system:

  • admins - people who will be supervising organization and categorization of projects
  • project leaders - the actual people who are coming up with and implementing a project
  • project volunteers - people who want to pitch in on other people's projects


What should people be able to do with the task tracking system?


Admins need to be able to "get behind the scenes" and take control of abandoned projects, etc.

  • change the status of a project (pending, active, inactive, etc.)
    • current model involves only admins having this power
  • edit projects
  • move/recategorize project tasks

Project leaders

  • create projects
  • create subtasks and associate them with projects
  • delete or remove subtasks from projects
  • categorize subtasks (time needed, etc.)

Project volunteers

  • find subtasks to do
    • should be able to easily figure out what overarching project is, who project leader is, who else is working on it, etc.
    • sorting based on time needed - minutes, hours, days, etc.
    • sorting based on level of skill needed - little/no experience, programming, language, etc.
  • sign up for subtasks
  • drop subtasks (un-sign up)
  • mark tasks as completed


What searchable labels/categorizations should projects and subtasks be labeled with? What other information should be available?

  • for subtasks, what project they tie into
  • time needed
  • amount of experience or skill needed
  • suggested number of people (note to self: see if multiple people can sign up for a task)
  • general project information
    • project description should be either included or very, very easy to find (think either on the task, or one "click me, click me!" link away)
    • project leader - for communication, questions, etc.
    • other people involved in task, if applicable
    • other people involved in project?
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