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HI, Nlee

   I send you e-mail about XO laptop, I forgot to give you my e-mail, so here it is ok bye and thank you. 
@ nikki
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IRC Nick: nlee
#olpc, #olpc-es, #ilxo





For my own devious purposes. Like organization.

Current Projects

Currently pushing my efforts into the growth of the Olin university chapter. We have a software contribution group, a hardware development independent study class, a repair center, and are looking into getting involved with a local pilot. More details can be found at the chapter main page.

Past projects


I worked in the Chicago area grassroots office with Mel, Tank, and Chris. We worked on kickstarting pilots, helping out repair centers, experimenting with educational models, and running events.


  • Moderation of community:Art
  • Continued organization of OLPC communities
  • Creation of some sort of volunteer welcoming protocol
  • General maintenance of the wiki
  • Member of the OLPC Support Gang

Personal projects

  • Learning more programming
  • Creation of art
  • Stock photography whenever helpful (can has: nice camera, can't has: professional experience)


OLPC volunteer since summer 2007.

Half-Chinese, Spanish-speaking Southern Californian mixup. Engineering student (at Olin College). Nonhacker working hard to correct this grievous oversight. Programmer-in-progress. Learner - feel free to teach me anything you can think of. If I don't know how to do something, I'll learn (translation: if you do know how, be prepared to answer questions).


  • martial arts
  • open source
  • art
  • photography
  • music
  • creative solutions
  • organic chemistry
  • sleep


  • not knowing how to do things
  • asparagus

Contact Info

User talk page, irc, or email.

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