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Organizational brainstorming, notes, and feedback page for my Independent Research project (create a task tracker that can be implemented on the wiki).


Task/Project Trackers to Investigate

  • [Bontq] - Hosted Bug Tracker with common-platform desktop client on Java
  • [dotProject]
  • [Tutos]
  • [Trac]
  • [Bugzilla]
  • [[1]] - a list of bug tracking software, there could be useful things in here (to be looked into)


After a bit of trouble getting Trac set up using my resources (Olin web servers don't use Python, which Trac needs), Andy Getz generously offered to host Trac for me [here]. Having finally gotten it up and running, I will be testing it out and trying to find as many features as I can.

  • learn how to generate reports and queries
  • get admin access - intsall webadmin package [[2]]
    • learn how to configure/customize components

Potentially useable.


Thanks to Matt, I have been able to get a vmware instance of Trac running, so it should be more editable than the other version (and easier to edit). Once a reasonable set of user criteria have been established, I will be doing some basic usability testing with others, to see how easily people can do what we want them to be able to do.

Task Tracker Issues

  • finding tasks
  • accepting tasks
  • submitting/completing tasks
    • "where do the bits go?!?" - a problem that the OLPC volunteering community as a whole needs to address

To Do


  • finish reading (part five onward is optional)
  • continue working with Trac
    • get others involved in testing Trac
  • scoping out other trackers (optional)
  • Python tasks (due Monday)
    • types of data: numbers, strings
    • how to write functions to deal with these things
      • area of a circle
      • converts feet to meters
      • general conversions (in > cm, ft > in > cm, cm > m, furlongs > mi, mi > km, km > m, m > ft)


  • work on fleshing out scenarios for a user type (thinking average user/project volunteer)
    • figure out kinds of tasks that they'll do
    • sketch out ideas for paper prototypes for work flow for average user
  • programming exercises
  • get office supplies


  • fill in black holes
  • test paper prototypes
  • revise
  • re-test


  • more revisions, creation of more complete paper prototypes (with tabs, drop down menus, etc.)
    • make test quality versions
  • get people to help with usability testing (1-2 people)
    • bribe: dinner with Matt?
  • goal for semester - be able to go into OLPC and do some testing and walkthroughs there
    • transportation to 1CC
  • contact SJ about people to talk to


  • storyboard specific aspects of the process
    • make clear workflow
    • this will be the basis of implementation decisions
    • (workflow) > (data)> (code), (data) > (presentation) > (workflow) relates to user experience
  • look into capabilities of current system


  • stable Trac installation to work with
    • bug Matt until this happens (hopefully by Thurs. night)
  • is there a way to modify the ticket creation forms in Trac?
  • what can I do with the existing interface?
  • what do the docs say I can change?
  • find limitations and flexibility with design goals in mind
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