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"Village" game activity -- Product Description


Baseline Assumptions

Educators and children will be interested in a fun, easy to play simulation that models basic economic concepts, such as supply/demmand.

Baseline Functional Requirements

  • The village game simulates the settling of an undeveloped territory.
  • Players acquire land and develop it resources.
  • Players buy/sell/trade these resources.
  • The game will have multiple levels difficulty and complexity so that it can be easily learned and played by younger players and retain the interest of older and more experienced players.
  • Initial model is for a four player game, with the players being a mix of children and computer generated.
  • Scoring must be retained and displayed.
  • There needs to be an initial area where players can congregate to form a game.
  • there needs to be a display representing the entire area.
  • there needs to be a display and sub-displays for the village and buying and selling activities.
    • there needs to be a display for the auctioning activity.
    • Land Office
  • There needs to be a way of setting initial conditions.
    • game length
    • game complexity

Baseline Technical Requirements

  • Pygame
  • Olpcgames

Project Stakeholders

Primary stakeholders

Primary stakeholders are persons or groups which greatly influence, or may be greatly influenced by, this project. This community is expected to actively participate in each project phase, at least in an IV&V capacity. The primary stakeholders for the project include:

  • Project team members:
    • Bob Myers (design, development)
    • Andrew Bouchard (development)
    • Nikki Lee (artwork)
  • Children
  • Teachers

The secondary stakeholders for the project include:

These are persons or groups which will derive some benefit from this project but not necessarily be active participants.

  • ILXO staff

This game was originally pitched at the ILXO game jam.

  • The OLPC/Sugar community in general

More successful activities = better user experience and greater acceptance.

  • Other Sugar game activity developers

Resource for development ideas both to and from the project.

Success Criteria

A playable game that interests children and which has a reasonable educational benefits is delivered.

The game proves to be sufficiently interesting that people load and play it.


  • This game will need a "robot" player to allow single user play or to fill out a playing group.
  • This game will need collaboration to allow multi-user play.
  • suitable graphics need to be produced.
  • possible pygame performance issues
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