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I have 2 XO-1 laptops from G1G1, and am a member of the OLPC Learning Club - DC ( I co-presented on the XO (I talked about views, Activities, the UI, and the Journal) to the Northern Virginia Linux User Group ( I have a technical blog (, with entries about OLPC, links to my resume, my tags, and more.

OLPC at Penguicon 2008

OLPC was covered/featured at a couple of different events at Penguicon (Troy, Michigan): OLPC At Penguicon 2008.

XO Exchange Registry

The XO Exchange Registry was prompted by discussion at [1]

My XO Setup

(thanks to User:Tdang for the idea of this write-up

Operating System: OLPC Fedora / Sugar

Build: 8.2.0 (767)

SD Card: 1 2 GB card

Hardware Mods: Sticky Keyboard tape fix courtesy of the DC OLPC Repair shop

Peripherals: Logitech USB mouse, 1G USB stick, ZoWii USB-Ethernet adaptor

Favorite Activities-All Added: Firefox

Pre-installed Activities Removed: None

My Old 650 Setup (x11vnc workaround for projector, etc.)

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