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  • Content Workflow
    • Clean up ^ page
    • Create Content Licensing (re-licensing) workflow "explicit process for asking upstream to change license"
      Add ALEX to the queue of ^
    • Discuss the UN's OER workflow and wiki with Philipp

  • Restarting the OLPC Health initiative
    • Emailing contacts from the Seattle Healthjam about participating
    • Shepherding dev laptops for PATH in Seattle and getting them to join our board
    • Making contact with Public Health Orgs from Norfolk Event to Participate
    • setting up new phone conference for Health Org's participation


  • Getting ready for the OLPC Hack Day at NYC Resistor on Sunday
    • Emailing participants from the event in NYC Done
    • organizing travel (with ankur, dan and Saymandu) to and from NYC Mostly done, finalize Saturday
    • packing additional materials to NYC

  • Prepare for my trip to DC
    • Email Russ Reid (Johnathan) contacts from Norfolk trip
    • Email Mike Lee about getting together
    • Schedule meetup with Chris Testa of

  • Followup
    • Send Forest Mars of MNN a coffee mug
    • Send MNN's executive director an official Thank you letter

need to

  • need to document Ericsson contact

  • Creating Conference Booth Kit
    • Putting together handouts
    • Gathering demo machines
    • supplying repair tools
    • Getting power supplies
    • prototypes (blanket solar, crank)
    • swag?
    • planning on packing it all for checked baggage (>50lbs) or shipping to event

low priority

  • reminders : Tshirt for Support gang: Mongo happy now


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