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In case you've read one of my forum articles or edits on the OLPC wiki, and have come here to ask a question or get more information, I'm sorry to have to disappoint you: I'm not only just a lowly volunteer, I'm one with absolutely no inside knowledge. I've never even talked to someone at OLPC, and have no internal access to their websites, ordering systems, or staff.

I do have a background in business database and order fulfillment systems, and I have numbered among my clients a major mail-order shipper whose daily volume was in the 10,000-20,000 unit range, so I know a little about the design of sucessful order processing, shipping, and customer service back-office procedures and IT.

Everything I've written on the wiki and in the forms has come out of my own expertise, and what I've learned from reading and participating in online forums related to the OLPC Give One Get One program.

I do believe every participant in the program will eventually get their XO laptop, and I do hope that for each and every one it turns out to be worth any wait.

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