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Hi, and thanks for your work on How laptop delivery breaks.
I have not yet received my laptop. I ordered it on 8 December.
I have three basic questions:
*How many of the laptops have been shipped? How many that do not have address problems are yet to be shipped?
*The only acknowledgment I got for my order was the confirmation from Paypal. I did not get any configmation from OLPC. Is this a bad sign?
*Would an infusion of additional unpaid volunteers be useful at this time? My project managment experience leads me to doubt it, but I could be wrong.


Hello. Unfortunately, I'm just a volunteer, and not even one in contact with the OLPC staff (I'm working on that). I don't have any better knowledge than you do right now, and no answers to your questions.

I would definitely call the 800 number listed in the page come Tuesday morning. Good luck!

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