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I saw you edited your page using the {{Educator}}—which is a bit 'old style' and (at least) I'm trying to deprecate in favor of Olpcboxes, a more flexible way to characterize oneself, although still under development (as a matter of fact, the {{User student}} was done based on your 'sample' :)

Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or ideas. And sorry for editing your page without asking. Xavi 03:31, 23 September 2007 (EDT)

looks great! thanks! - john

delete a file

If you want to delete a page (or file) you should tag it with {{delete}} and at some time an admin will effectively decide on its fate and probably delete it. Unless the reason is self evident (ie: an empty page) a comment in the talk page explaining the reasons is recommended, particularly if the page is referenced (linked) because those links should be either severed or replaced by something else.

As your question was about Image:Ourstories.svg which you seem to tried to embed in OurStories (you failed to remove the surrounding comment markers, so it didn't show) I re-edited the page and now it shows (btw, I like it :) So, do you still want to delete the file? If so, let me know (either on my page or tagging the file as explained above).

john: That's why the icon didn't work! thanks a lot! credit goes to Chuck for the icon design. Another reason i wanted to delete the file was to rename it to OurStories-icon.svg instead, but it's not a big deal, i think we can keep it as it is. thanks again!

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