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Translation HIG

Noticed you had some issues with the hig-nav and hig-nav-lang ... :P watchout for there are a couple variations on those navs (hig-nav-inter & intra) (I got stung by them ;)

Another 'hint'... if you notice in the spanish translations, I employed a 'trick' in order to preserve the subject anchors & links. The idea is that internal links (in the original) be preserved as much as possible without having to care how it has been translated or will be translated, and how it will end up (after reviewers pass by ;)

So for example, in the original document you may find a page/section link to OLPC Human Interface Guidelines/Introduction#Who Should Read This Document, without actually translating that section it's hard to imagine what will the final section header be... it could be 'Quien deberia leer este documento', 'Quien debe leer este documento', with or without accents, etc.

My 'solution' is to have the cake and eat it... :)

In the linking page being translated, all I do is add the /lang-xx postfix: OLPC Human Interface Guidelines/Introduction/lang-es#Who Should Read This Document

In the target page, I change the header but before the section I append a pseudo-anchor tag something like <div id="original english section title"></div> and voila! Translating is as easy as adding the postfix to the link, and divise the old header when translating the target (just remember to put it immediately before the section header so that when you jump there, the translated title is visible ;)

I hope this explanation makes sense of how the idea works... --Xavi 16:25, 6 March 2007 (EST)

translation coordination

Hi! We are trying to coordinate and standardize the efforts of the translating efforts within the community. Please read the new Translators page and register if interested. If you have any questions, please drop me a note. Cheers, --Xavi 18:00, 13 April 2007 (EDT)

Pode rever a tradução no Pootle que fiz?

Olá Juliano, eu há uns dias voluntariei-me para terminar as traduções do Pootle de pt_BR que estavam incompletas. Então foi o que tenho feito, faltando o TamTamSynthLab e o Etoys. O que acontece é que eu sou falante de português de Portugal, mas tentei ao máximo durante a tradução não aportuguesar os textos. Seria muito bom se pudessemos falar, e se você pudesse rever as traduções e revisões que fiz, que são o XO Core completo, o Update.1 completo (este tem 5 ficheiros em duplicado com o XO Core, não entendo porquê), e o XO Bundles incompleto (menos o Etoys e o TamTamSynthLab). O meu nick no pootle é o mesmo daqui da wiki. Envie e-mail se quiser, meu nick at HoboPrimate 02:30, 20 January 2008 (EST)

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