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  • UNICEF is developing water and sanitation material for children for the XOs; both warnings and advisories, tools for making targeted version of the same, and overviews of good practices and potential risks. Initial Uniwiki material is available online.
  • WaterLeaders Foundation video on safe water generation: "Safe Drinking Water is Essential." WaterLeaders is actively engaged in field-level safe water projects, but has found more impact through educational and awareness activities surrounding the issues and available solutions to combat the world water crisis. To these ends, we have provided a grant to the National Academies of Science to create a web-based and DVD-based virtual exhibit titled "Safe Drinking Water Is Essential." It provides a wonderful overview of drinking water issues focused on the source, treatment and distribution and highlights available solutions now. Furthermore, we will be producing it in English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Mandarin and it will be ready to go later this summer. Since we have partnered with the NAS, the final product has really turned out to be a purely educational initiative, not your typical NGO-promotional piece. So I believe it fits in the OLPC philosophy, mission and objectives. Robert Steiner, Executive Director.

Some links to educational materials/activities related to water testing and purification:

USAID Training materials

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