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안녕하세요, 오엘피씨에 조선족초등학교학생들한테도 어울리는 한글시스템을 우리 개발합시다

The first line above is written in Hangul, an alphabetic writing system created at the direction of King Sejong. Letters are grouped in square syllables, following the pattern of Chinese. Korean Hangul keyboards place all consonants under the left hand, and all vowels under the right hand. In both South and North Korea, the Korean language used to be written in a mixture of Hangeul and Chinese characters ("Hanja" in Korean), with characters used to write words of Chinese derivation, and Hangul used to write native Korean words, grammatical endings, and foreign words. Hanja are most commonly entered by phonetic conversion, with the user typing either Hangeul or (mostly among foreigners) Latin alphabet text.

By government order in the North and by gradual evolution in the South, Korean has been increasingly written in Hangul alone, with the exception of proper names and ambiguous words. The direction of writing used to be exclusively vertical, starting at the right, but in the 20th century the Western writing direction (left-to-right, starting at the top) has come to predominate.

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