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As there is no official partnership between OLPC and the Korean government, OLPC Korea is establishing a kind of non-profit distribution model of XO.

Our plan is simple.

  1. do presentation tours in Korea, particularly for schools.
  2. take orders
  3. when the sum of orders taken reaches 250,000 units, then inform it of the OLPC Foundation.
  4. each school directly pay its own XO prices to OLPC .
  5. OLPC sends 250,000 XOs to OLPC Korea
  6. OLPC Korea distributes those machines to schools ordered

Expenses necessary to provide delivery services by OLPC Korea will be gathered through donations from corporations, local governments, and citizens. All expenses shall be excuted transparently and openly. See our Expense for detail.

The orders taken will be shown at the below section, and orders from secondary and higher education facilities like high schools and colleges will be received after establishing production system for Larger OLPC.


Primary Schools

Middle Schools

High Schools



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