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Recent events

July 2008

  • Washington DC, July 3-4 : Ethiopia Week booth and presentations
    What we're being offered : a booth at the event, where the current OLPC project in Ethiopia will be pitched to attendees at the week's festivities.
    What is covered : reimbursement for any swag made and daily expenses; tickets to the international Ethiopian-expat soccer matches which are their national equivalent of a World Cup; it sounds pretty awesome, and they have reserved a major arena for three days for the teams attending from all over the world; a set of XOs for the booth and demonstrations.
    What is needed : setup the day before (receipt of stand-up posters and boxes of XOs and other materials), booth minding and presentations for two days, some patience for people taking photos in front of you with XOs :)
  • Alexandria, Egypt, July 17-19 : Wikimania 2008 gatherings and presentations
    What we're being offered : a number of OLPCers including Mako and Sj will be there.
    What is needed : poster and shirt designs to make there and hand out.

March 2008

  • Michigan Association of Computer Users in Learning (MACUL). March 5-7, XO's on display in the model classroom and a Guerilla session (unplanned user meeting) to discuss formulation of a Michigan user group. http://maculspace.ning.com/group/xousers
  • One Laptop Per Child XO at SxSWi meetup Sunday March 9, 12:30 CST at Las Manitas, Austin, TX. RSVP and view map at upcoming.org please. Looking forward to it! --annegentle 13:56, 7 March 2008 (EST)
  • Kern Independent PC Users Group, Bakersfield CA. Our main meeting will demonstrate the XO computer and it's mesh networking abilities. We meet at 7pm PST on March 13 at the Kern Superintendent of Schools Building on the corner of 17th and L st. Please contact president@KIPUG.org for further information.
  • OISC (OLPC India Student Chapter) delivered a presentation & demonstrated XO at Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee on 28th March at the technical festival, Cognizance. The powerpoint file can be downloaded from HERE -- Gaurav 13:22, 5 April 2008 (EDT)

April 2008

May 2008

  • May 1 & May 2 - GAZeL-A-Ganza! - Greater Arizona eLearning Gala and Golf event: fundraising goal to purchase 100 XO laptops for distribution in an Arizona school (for more about the GLF please see: Global Literacy Foundation)
  • May 28-31 - LinuxTag Berlin, several talks on OLPC/LiveCD/Etoys, Sugar dev meeting, laptop-giveaway (organized by OLPC Deutschland)

June 2008 and beyond

Past Events (2008)

January 17, 2008: Meeting with the New York City Beacon Programs. Possible large scale youth fundraising initiative throughout NYC. This will bring awareness to the project as well as empower youth to make global change. Darryl Rattray 212-341-9579 drattray@dycd.nyc.gov
22 Jan - OLPC Chicago meeting at Google Chicago, details on page
25 Jan - OLPC Chicago meeting at Moraine Valley Community College, details on page
29-31 Jan OLPC France meeting at Solutions Linux 2008, details on page
2 Feb - | Northern Virginia Linux User Group, details on page
5 Feb - users and others are meeting 5-7 pm at Douglass Public Library, Champaign, IL, hosted by Univ of Illinois GSLIS/Community Informatics and College of Ed/SqueakCMI group
4-8 Feb - Texas Computer Educators Association Tommy Gober
7 Feb - Bellingham Linux User Group (BLUG) - General membership meeting ixo
16 Feb - Greater Los Angeles Teachers Science Association (GLATSA), Los Angeles, California, please contact Caryl
19-20 Feb - Beijing LUG (BLUG) presents XO & OLPC at Linux Developer Symposium in Beijing, China
GDC, San Francisco, Feb 17-21
Saturday, 23 Feb 10:00 am Xo-austin Anne Gentle
2/20/2008: Greater Arizona E-Learning Annual Summit Brian Basgen
2/27/2008: Arizona Users Group meeting
2/28/2008 - 6:00-8:30 pm Long Island Software & Technology Network (LISTnet), Garden City, New York, please contact [Chuck Schwartz] chuck@rovenet.com]

Past Events (2007)

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